So I have several metaphors for stress and anxiety and I thought I’d share the overall idea with you.

Imagine a glass and water. at the start of the day it has a small amount of water in it, its not heavy and it holds the water easily without spilling. By the time you get to lunchtime its starting to get about half full, by the end of work its almost completely full, it gets fuller and fuller on the journey home and when you get in. Eventually its hard to keep it from spilling out, its getting heavy and difficult to carry. Solution is easy – just tip out some water. Unfortunately its not that easy. When you see each worry that got added has combined with the others and you are not sure how to tip any out at all.

A glass of water macro shot

You can do the same with a bag of rocks, or marbles. Each conversation, each email, each piece of news, the commute, etc all add to the bag, along with some long term members such as bills and family etc. by the end of the day the bag is overflowing and heavy but you have no way to put it down or leave it.

How do you deal with this?

My way – I make a list of all of those things that have filled up my bag. I decide who’s worry they are – are they mine or do they belong to someone else? If they’re someone else’s then can I give them back? If its mine do I need to carry it around now? Can I put it down until I need it? eg that really important meeting next week – put it in the diary and plan time to plan it, then let it go, you can do no more to it right now.  Hopefully you should now have released several of your worries. We will always have a few that take time to put down, or share but we don’t need all of them. We don’t need to hold onto the stress of the person who cut us up on the way home etc.

If you’re left feeling overwhelmed still can you go for a run, a walk, a swim, a coffee with a friend, try some meditation to see if you can shake off any emotional weight collected over the day? 

These are the things I do. What works for you? 

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