When you leave therapy

I am often asked by clients ‘how will I know when I am ready to leave therapy?’
My reply is ‘you will know, we will work together to find out.’

Businessman running to the exit door

Your therapy journey is unique to you and you will find your own path through to your own unique destination.

Once you find that your counsellor will work with you to find a way to leave therapy that is comfortable for you. Counsellors will often review with a client when they feel progress has been made, ask the client how they feel they are doing. Maybe discuss sessions becoming less frequent and seeing if you still feel better. Often therapists will review your initial goals with you and see how you feel progress has been made towards them or if they have now changed. Some therapist use a questionnaire to help you and them judge these changes.

People often ask ‘what if I get bad again?’
We can’t be sure we won’t feel like we need therapy again, like we’re slipping back into depression, anxiety, OCD, etc but usually we are aware of the feelings and warning signs much sooner because we’ve explored them and can now recognised them which we may not have been able to do before. This will answer your own question. 

After this you have the choice to return to therapy whenever you choose to, for a top up session, for a whole new reason, because an issue has returned or something has triggered you. You can return to your previous therapist of find a new one if you’d like to try a new approach.

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