What will counselling be like after the COVID 19 pandemic?

This is an excellent question. I think clients are more aware now that counselling can be accessed through more mediums than simply face to face, these now including video, telephone, online (eg a pre-written CBT program online clients interact with/follow) and even text therapy. Clients can now not only choose their preferred method of therapy but have a wider choice of therapists as electronic means of therapy offers clients the ability to pick a counsellor who may live 200 miles away from them but has the skills they need. The right client can now find the right counsellor and the right method of therapy more easily than ever before.  

For many counsellors they have themselves realized that therapy has more access points than they previous worked with and have chosen to expand their practices into those areas they feel competent with. For myself I think the process of how I offer counselling will alter very little, since I qualified in 2010 I have offered video therapy session (I even wrote my thesis on the values of video therapy), telephone therapy and face to face therapy. I am delighted that more clients are aware of video therapy and are now able to make use of my skills from any UK location, it also allows clients to ‘take their counsellor with them’ if they have to travel, relocate for work or family. It allows busy people easier access to therapy as they may not need to travel to a counsellors office but use video, it allows people who are socially anxious to have counselling from home and work up to travelling to the counsellors office, it allows people who need space the option of face to face, it allows people to choose week on week which method of therapy wish to access.

So what has COVID 19 done for therapy? Well one thing I know is that it has improved people’s awareness of ways to access to therapy, and improved counsellors access to clients. Overall I also think it has improved people’s awareness and understanding of the vital use therapy can be when people are struggling.

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