What is … OCD

Positive Thinking

Obsessions, habitual worrying, compulsions and repetitive behaviours are often termed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD.

These behaviours to some extent are normal parts of being human, everyone has habits and routines to help them remember things, such as putting the key on the hook when locking the door, or always filling the drinks before laying the table. Everyone creates a story in their minds to deal with a difficult situation.

The issues arise when we start to use these behaviours to regulate unwanted feelings or thoughts. When we take undue comfort in the familiarity of habits to keep us safe. Such as if I check the tap I will not flood the house, if I don’t turn off the TV the house will burn down so I am safe if I check the TV. This means more checking makes us feel more secure, so we can get to a stage where we have to check a dozen times to get the secure feeling.

Sometimes we create these actions or compulsions to avoid unwanted thoughts or feelings, to rescript bad times in our lives, to avoid the present events, relationships, feelings. To help us predict outcomes so we feel safer, or more stable, to give us a feeling of control or to mitigate feared/imagined negative outcomes.

If we can understand the underlying cause, meaning or event that created the behaviour or routine then we can re-write the script that is causing it and hopefully reduce to impact of the OCD.

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