Using Our Knowledge to Cross Boundaries

I suppose this is part of my famous, influential, powerful people making a difference in mental health blog series. Although it is from far more humble origins that the hero stems and has used his own experiences and actions to become influential.

This article talks about Johnny Mercer a soldier who then became an MP.

He talks about his own mental health issues, how when he was young he worried his OCD made him feel like he was just mad. How his war experiences led to post traumatic growth – the positive side to trauma that is often unspoken when people focus on PTSD (post traumatic stress). He feels that there is again stigma and change is needed, he focuses on change in the military as well as change for the public health sector and he is using his role as a MP to make positive changes based on his own experiences.

You two can change your experiences, you can work on your difficulties, your mental health can change and grow. Please do give me a call if you would like to arrange counselling to start changing your mental health.