UPR or Unconditional Positive Regard is one of Carl Rogers Core therapy conditions. It is about positive regard, offering love, without condition, to the client. I feel this is often the most self explanatory of the therapy techniques, but can be the hardest to genuinely achieve.

It is about caring about the client no matter what, regardless of if you are having to work late to see them, or if they annoy you, or if they are berating something you passionately believe in, if they are a criminal, if they are rude to you, or if you have a headache, or if you’re tired. Regardless of all these things the client will develop and grow more from a therapist who can offer them positive regards/thoughts/love regardless of any other factors. The client will hopefully feel the positive attitude and feel safe and secure and loved, thus be able to open up more deeply.

This therapeutic technique is one of the hardest to achieve, and often counsellors who find themselves struggling to achieve it take that to supervision, to explore if it is counter-transference, if they need to take a sabbatical from counselling as they are burnt out or if it is something about the clients beliefs they can’t work with, and if they can’t work around they this issue this often results in the counsellor recommending the client see another therapist.

Try it yourself, if there is someone who you feel you need to make a better connection with, try caring about them regardless of any other factors and see if they are more positive towards you.

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