Time for bed?

Recently I was talking to friends and they were explaining how they struggled to sleep and often spent up to 48 hours awake. I often have conversations about sleep, people feel they sleep too much or too little or worry that they always feel tired even though they do sleep. This got me thinking about my own sleep patterns. I feel relatively lucky that I get about 8 hours of sleep a night, but still some days I am tired, others I have more energy, others I struggle to sleep.

I found a lovely website on sleep that was recommended to me and I found some interesting facts and articles on there.

The conclusion I reached is we all will have different relationships with our sleep patterns through our lives and different solutions will work at different times from something as simple as changing a mattress or opening a window to calming behaviours before bedtime, reducing stress levels, herbal teas, medication, or meditation or therapy. We maybe just need to forgive ourselves for poor sleep and be proactive about finding the right answer for ourselves at the time.

If you feel you’d like some counselling to talk about sleep or any other issues please do call Wright Minds