Thoughts Journal

If you have had any exposure to self-help or counselling I am sure you will have heard the word Journal be thrown around. I use it too as a therapist, and decided it was a good idea to share with you all the idea of a thoughts journal.

To start with wipe away the idea of a traditional journal, no dates or times or years, no hours or tasks. No long pieces of prose detailing your movements that day, no bullet list of activities and times.

Thoughts journals are about putting your mind onto paper so you don’t have to carry it all around in your head. They can be a book, or a folder, or a box full of bits of paper, or even a computer document.

The idea is to take what is in your head and put it on paper. This is a creative free for all. Words, images, squiggles, colours, pictures, sentences, anger, sadness, express it however you want. Write your emotional process, draw your thought process, cross things out, stick things in, anything you need to. Draw, paint, write, scribble, get glitter everywhere.

Have a go and see if it helps.

If you would like counselling or to explore more in therapy about journals please do contact Wright Minds: or on 07598810304