What is CBT?
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy focuses on our thoughts (cognitive) and our actions (behaviour). It is about looking at how and why we do things and how these may be changed to offer a different feeling or outcome in our lives. So how can we change our thoughts and actions to make those changes we want? It is about an open discussion of how you are feeling and what you wish to change and then making small changes, a little at a time. CBT works well at helping to change negative thought patterns we can get stuck in, these often lead to depression or anxiety.

For more information on CBT please follow this link.

I have a certificate in CBT with the School of Psychology Online

What is Person Centred?
Person Centred counselling was developed by Carl Rogers and it is about putting the person at the centre of therapy. The therapist doesn’t diagnose or prescribe to the client, but allows the client to explore their own thoughts in their own way. The therapist will walk with the client and aid the client in developing a deeper understanding/awareness of themselves and the things they wish to alter, adapt or understand, then they will work together on how the client wishes to achieve this. Sometimes clients do not wish to make changes, they feel awareness offers them all the change they need. This process is client led, it can take as little as a few weeks or it may take months for the client to reach the outcome they desire, it is believed the client will be aware of this point when they reach it. This is mainly a nondirective type of therapy.

For more information on Person Centred therapy please follow this link.

I have an MSc in Counselling Psychology from Keele University

What is Supervision?
I offer Supervision in two forms.
Option One is counselling supervision designed for practising students and qualified counsellors/therapists. This is a requirement of most academic courses and therapeutic governing bodies eg BACP for practising counselling/therapy professionals. It offers a safe and confidential environment where you can discuss your therapeutic practice, review your practice and professional development with an experienced colleague. Giving you the support you need to be a competent, accountable and ethical professional.

It can help you deal with unfamiliar situations, or client issues that you have little experience working with, it can help you when you are feeling ‘stuck’, help you develop or recognise areas of difficulty/challenge, develop new techniques and explore dilemmas in a safe confidential space.

The BACP recommends 1.5 hours a month of supervision for Accredited members and an hour a fortnight for student members.

The other option is professional supervision for managers, teachers or other professionals who feel they need a safe and confidential environment to discuss situations arising in their workplace with a fellow professional. These sessions can be anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes. This gives you a safe space, outside your work place, to explore your professional dilemmas or challenges and develop a deeper understanding of issues you may be working with.

I have a certificate in supervision form the Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy.

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a technique developed from meditation techniques, particularly those of Eastern meditation practises. It is predominantly about focusing on ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, emotions and bodily sensations and our interaction with the world around us. It can be helpful for those who feel stressed, anxious or depressed. It offers a way to be more aware of our thoughts and how they affect our daily lives and wellbeing.
For more details on mindfulness please follow this link.

I have a certificate in mindfulness with the School of Psychology Online

You can check my professional registration on the BACP website here.
BACP Ethical Framework
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