The Road Forward

For over a year we have battled a pandemic, you have lived through an international and historical event that many people will never experience. How we move forward from here is an unknown, just like the road ahead. The government have produced a roadmap as a guide to when they feel things might be safe to return to a version of normal, but that is a general guide, how you feel individually will differ greatly. Some people will want to go out and explored life, others will be more cautious, some will want hugs, others will shy away from human contact, some will be so happy to work from home forever, others will be desperate to get back to an office. Please remember everyone is different, everyone has reasons for the way they feel and all these feelings are valid and important, try to be kind and not judge others or demand they feel the way you do. We have all been changed in someway, big or small, by the last 18 months and the pandemic.

If you need to reach out and talk about your experiences or your road forward please do, whether it is to a friend or a professional.

If you’d like video, telephone or face to face counselling in the Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme or Staffordshire area please do contact Wright Minds at or on 07598810304