The New Year

Again a celebration for some but not for others (please see previous post). I just want to say to everyone a key sentence:

Do it your way.

Don’t make a resolution if you don’t want to, don’t drink excessively if you don’t want to, don’t party all night if you don’t want to. OR Do make a resolution if you do want to, do drink excessively if you do want to, do party all night if you do want to. Just make sure you do it your way, big and bold, quiet and comfy, family, friends or alone, whatever is right for you.

I just also want to say a little somethings I’ve noticed about resolutions. Sometimes it helps to stick to things if you take small steps towards the goal rather than rushing head on at full speed. For example if you want to run 10km start by running 500meters, then run 1km, then run 1.5km. If you want to lose a few stone in weight, start small by aiming for just 1lbs a week, it soon adds up, you feel achievement and success as you go and hopefully you will be more likely to reach your goal.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you hope for the future.

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