The Cost of Therapy

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During my recent research I explored how much people would pay for a night out or for a hobby. My aims was to compare this to the cost of a therapy session in the hope of convincing you that therapy may be worth the cost.

The results of the research are as follows:

The average spend out of 22 participants was £60

The lowest spend was £15

The maximum spend was £120

Other research shows that activities such as:        

  • a meal out can cost between £40-£60 on average
  • having your hair done £30-£60
  • a night out drinking/ pub quiz £20-£60
  • having your nails done £20-£40
  • a tanning session £20-£40
  • Cinema £15-£30
  • Wine for evenings £10-£70

These are activities that people do on a regular basis. Counselling is usually for a limited period typically between 6 – 20 weeks, with people returning at a later date if they wish to discuss other issues.

Therapy costs between £30 to £35 at Wright Minds. Would you consider spending £210 on 6 weeks of therapy a good bargain if it helped you feel better about yourself in the long term and enjoy your life more? Most clients find that therapy improves their life in some way.

When you next consider self-care consider therapy isn’t as expensive as you may think when compared to your other daily activities.

If you need more than Self Help and would like some face to face counselling in the Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme or Staffordshire area please do contact Wright Minds at or on 07598810304