The 3 B’s

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This is a combination of Mindfulness and Meditation that can be helpful to those who find clearing their busy mind a difficult task. It is designed to help you be both calmer and more in control of your own thoughts.

I call it the 3 B’s – feel free to try it, remember adapt it to yourself – you are an individual.

Sit quietly or lie in bed, use mood lighting, scent or music (see previous blog posts for more information) if needed.

The Technique:

B 1 – Tense and relax your muscle groups from head to toe to ensure relaxed – bodyscan

B 2 – Breath in and out, counting slowly to 4 or 5 for each breath in or out. Recognise thoughts if they happen but refocus on your breathing

B 3 – When you start to notice thoughts are calmer create a bubble around you, give it form, colour and texture, be creative, really focus on it. Now create your world inside it, is it hot or cold, does it have a smell or colour? Is it a beach or a snowy mountain, use all your senses to create your world,. Give it as much detail as possible. The more you focus on your senses and the detail in the world the more control of your thoughts you will have and the calmer you will become. Try to focus on it for as long as you can – usually 5 minutes is a good time.

Remember if it doesn’t work for you or feels detrimental please stop using it.

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