Suicide has been discussed in the Media recently and I felt it might be a good time for another blog post about it. Something psychotherapist, counsellors, health professionals are taught in training is to never avoid talking about suicide. There is no evidence that addressing concerns over suicide with someone will make that personal more suicidal, in fact evidence tells us that it will likely make them less suicidal to feel heard and to be offered support.

We know that we do not have control over someone else life or choices and that we can not always prevent suicide, but that shouldn’t stop us from being there to support people who are suicidal in changing their thoughts if they want to, and we shouldn’t feel guilt if we don’t make a difference even though we tried.

I have attached some links at the bottom of this page about how to help someone/yourself and where to get support from if you need to. Don’t be afraid of talking about suicide, address your fears and concerns and be there to support someone who may need help in preventing suicide.

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