I have seen in the news for the last three weeks, article after article about the mental health of students (I’ve attached a few for you to read at the end of the post). Many things affect students. New GCSE exams start this week. A Levels and the end of the University term are fast approaching, dissertations are looming. Planing for the next step into the future. Finances for next student year are stacking up, where will you live while at University, can you work and study and find a good balance. Loneliness, isolation, friendship and relationship dilemmas, separation from family and support networks. All these things can weigh on the mind of students at some point.

I know all universities have good student counselling facilities but reports say even those are being swamped

I know schools will wherever possible offer counselling themselves or from outside charities or agencies (such as Younger Minds, Place to Be) but the resource is again short.

I know what it was like to be a student myself.

If you are a student and want to talk to someone about the pressure of your life, study or relationships please do get in touch. Importantly I offer student discount.