Sleep Divorce

The concept is separate rooms, or at least separate beds.

LBC have recently debated this idea and Metro have discussed it.

This isn’t always a feasible solution but it just might be the right one for you.

Twin bed room and faceless people

Couples worry that it will lead to lack of intimacy or affection, that it will lead to the breakdown in the relationship, some people worry they will miss cuddles and it’s true, it’s not the solution for everyone. However, if you have ever spent the night waking up every time your partner turns over, lying awake convincing yourself smothering them for snoring isn’t the right plan, or that they stolen the covers for the 12th time that night, or that they’re star fished and you have been pushed to the floor, or they want to sleep hours before you but complain when you disturb them coming to bed.

Maybe a sleep divorce might just help you maintain a good relationship. It will mean a better nights sleep for you and your partner, it will mean less to be irked at them for, you will wake up and they won’t be the enemy.

Have a think about it.

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