Self Help – Apps

So I guess that sounds like a weird topic – Apps – but allow me to explain. I’m not talking about Apps that counsel you, but about Apps that can help you relax. I have downloaded and reviewed several Apps that are aimed to offer soothing or calming music. The three I’m going to share are free to download and I found easy to use.

The First is called Ambience – it allows you to choose and combine up to 3 sounds, such as city sounds, nature sounds, rain, water, fire burning, white noise, musical instruments and many more. You can create your perfect calm soundtrack and you can set it for how long you want it to run for, 10 minutes or 3 hours, its up to you.

The Second App I have found useful is Mindfulness, it has several guided Mindful Meditations that you can listen to or if you scroll through the menu it also include several tracks of music that you can use to help you relax such as Asian Spa Music, Deep Waters, Deep Space.

Third I suggest Sleep Sounds. Really easy to use, choose the main sound then add others, build them up your way, set the volume on each sound and even set a timer for when it stops

You could use these sounds or tracks to help you relax, de-stress, be mindful or meditate or even help you to fall asleep.

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