Here I will discuss the term self-harm in the hope discussion promotes understanding.

Firstly why do people self-harm?

  • struggle to feel an emotional response
  • struggle to express an emotion or experience
  • change emotional pain into a manageable/controllable physical pain
  • control
  • escape
  • attention or physical symbol of emotional internal pain
  • express something they can’t any other way.

There are many types of self-harm, and indulging in some are more socially acceptable than others, and even some indulgence isn’t classes as self-harm, it is when it reaches the addiction and damaging stage that it becomes self-harm. Two things clearly classed as self-harm are cutting and burning (fire or ice), but there are others too that when done for certain reasons or to excess can be classed as self-harm – tattoos, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, extreme sports (those that risk life), eating or not eating, exercise. That is not an all inclusive list and I was shocked too when I realised some of the things on it, when done in excess could be classed as self-harm.

Again this is just brief introduction and guidance, it is not an all encompassing discussion. For further details I’ve added this link:

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