I’m not on about the feeling, I’m talking about the diagnosis. Seasonal Affective Disorder.

This impacts a small percentage, research shows somewhere between 5%-10%, of the population to the point where it impacts on their ability to function normally.

Symptoms have been noted as:

  • Low mood including feelings of sadness, over emotional, irritability, tiredness, lethargy, despair, guilt, worthlessness, depression, some people even report suicidal feelings;
  • Problems sleeping – needing more sleep but not feeling refreshed after sleep, or waking up repeatedly;
  • Eating issues such as craving carbohydrates, sweets, comfort food;
  • Social issues such as avoiding going out, not making conversation, avoiding people, more reactive to stressful situations;
  • Physical issues such as more colds, infections, stomach ache or ear aches etc.

The NHS and Mind both have great pages on SAD for you to do some research for yourself

What are the solutions?
Well we would all like the best solution which is to go on holiday somewhere with lots of sunshine, but that isn’t always possible. Other options are daylight lights, sometimes called light boxes which can be brought from shops or online and vary in prices from £15 – £100. Daylight alarm clocks that create a false dawn in your room with natural light to help you wake up more naturally. (I did a quick search and found them available on Amazon, John Lewis e-bay, SAD a specialist company).
A solution without cost is to try to get outside as much as possible, take a walk around the office at lunchtime if possible, or just before/after work if its still light. Research shows around to 30 minutes light exposure can have a positive impact.
If you just can’t get enough natural light and symptoms persist you can always go to see your Doctor who may prescribe anti-depressants for the winter period or you can see a therapist to help you talk about the symptoms and ways to work around them.

If you’d like some face to face counselling in the Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme or Staffordshire area please do contact Wright Minds on or 07598810304