Today I thought I would write about something that I have found myself discussing on an all too frequent basis in the last few weeks at home and at work. This is the topic of resilience. I am currently very aware that many peoples resilience is at an all-time low, and I feel that this resilience depletion is in the most part due to the following set of circumstances.

Mostly and primarily due to the pandemic and its ongoing cost to human life and normal human activity, and while I know this to be mostly true for our little island of UK, I can only make an educated guess that this is probably something that is all too true for many nations, communities and individuals across the world currently.  This invisible killer, a threat to our freedom to socialize, a risk to our long term health and our loved ones that we cannot hide from, we cannot physically fight off, we cannot run away on holiday from, that is in the back of our minds, and our subconscious fears even when we don’t want it to be. We cannot do anything to be free and peaceful while the pandemic rumbles on. Now this is very acceptable that we have these fears and take precautions, that we have vaccines and we isolate, that we take tests and reduce our activities but after 2 years of being on constant alert to an invisible enemy, being lonely, fearful, exhausted, it takes its toll on the strongest of us. It is unprecedented, even if we compare it to war, in war there is hope of running to another country where there is peace.

If we add this constant fear and life changing behaviors that in this northern hemisphere we are currently in the dark and cold winter months, the big festivals of light, happiness and joy have just passed and people are natural low at this time of year anyway, we have limited hopes for those summer vacations (will they be canceled, dare we go, will we be stranded, will we have extra tests or costs, etc), many are still on reduced income or have been made redundant unable to look forward to the usual summer festivities or hopes, festivals and gatherings are at a low, sometimes it feels that everyone knows someone who has tested positive for COVID recently and you worry that even meeting friends could mean infection, isolation, life disruption, worry about how ill you might be.

If all this is true then it is easy to understand the resilience we have after 2 years of this fight is somewhat depleted and waning. Now if you feel low just reading this imagine what your subconscious feels living with it every day and that you are still trying to find hope and positivity in the small things, that you are smiling and functioning says so much about your strength. And if you feel you are not functioning then I also commend you for being able to recognise your limits. Take a break and forgive yourself.  I have no magic answer to where to find more resilience, but I do hope that the recognition that this is normal and that it is not just you should go a little way to helping you feel somewhat more OK.

These are just my musings on the topic and are by no means infallible or the authority on the subject, and I encourage everyone to explore their own understanding of their feelings, but I hope they may have some positive or helpful impact in your life.

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