Next I will try and explore PTSD/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in terms that will be accessible.

  • happens after a traumatic life event – but not every event or to every person experiencing the same event.
  • relive the expereince
  • flashbacks
  • nightmares
  • intrusive thoughts
  • trigger events/smells/colours/sounds (these are just a few)
  • physical symptoms of sweating, increased heart rate, jumpy,
  • hyper-alert/ hyper-vigilant
  • intense panic
  • fear of emotional connections or relationships.
  • aggressive and destructive behaviours – excessive use of alcohol or drugs
  • avoidance – of memories, people, situations
  • unable to recall details of the event
  • emotional and/or physical numbness
  • blaming or self doubt, lack of trust in self or others.

Again this is not a list that is all encompassing, and not everyone with professionally diagnosed PTSD will have all these symptoms. Its a rough introductory guide.

Here are two links that contain lots of information on PTSD for you to further explore.

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