Personality Disorders

Next I’m going to give you some information about personality disorders. Personality disorder or borderline personality disorder is another widely used but not often widely understood term. If you’d like to know more I have attempted to explore it below.

  • The way you feel/think/act causes difficulty for you and/or others in daily activities.
  • The way you feel/think/act causes significant problems for you in many aspects of your life
  • These issues are long term and ongoing, not just short term and reactionary to events.
  • It does not mean your personality is not ‘good enough’ or any other negative connotation.
  • Extreme emotional changes or mood swings
  • Unstable relationships with friends, family and romantically.
  • Fear of abandonment by friends, family, work colleagues.
  • Unclear or unstable self-image, changing often, being unsure what is ‘you’.
  • Impulsive, self-destructive behaviours, knowing the action will have a bad result but being unable to stop yourself.
  • Irritability or anger
  • Self-harm, not just cutting, burning, but anything excessive that harms you e.g. drinking, drugs, smoking, exercise, eating (the list can get very long)
  • Strong feelings of emptiness, feeling you need to find something to fill the gap, often linking to some self harm issues like excessive eating or drugs.

Again not everyone diagnosed will experiencing all these things in these ways.

Here are links to a wonderful selection of information about personality disorders, it has lots of interesting sections for you to explore in detail. and

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