Personal Identity

Personal Identity.

What makes you, you?

Who are you?

Why are you who you are?

Which bits of you make you?

These are complex questions, they have been asked, mused about and theorised by a great many philosophers for many centuries, but fundamentally at some point in our lives we’ve all asked that question of ourselves? Who am I? Whether we are looking at ourselves following a relationship breakup, following a review at work or school, because we’ve experienced a life changing event such as an illness or a bereavement or because we noticed we are happy and wondered why.

Now if this is a subject you’d like to explore from a philosophical and academic view I recommend this website¬†as a very interesting place to start thinking about things.

However, there are many who would just like to explore themselves from a personal view rather than a philosophical one, here I may be able to help. Counselling can offer you the chance to explore your thoughts and feelings, think deeply about how or when you first had those thoughts and how you have formed your personality. From childhood to adulthood and onward we are constantly experiencing things that alter us ever so slightly, we are all a bit like ‘Trigger’s broom‘ we are the same as we have always been yet different, we grow and adapt, for better or worse. This means we can have the potential to change if we understand ourselves.

If you wold like to explore your personal identity and you are in the Stoke-on-Trent or Newcastle-under-Lyme area please do contact us and we can arrange an initial appointment to discuss counselling.