Pandemic Fatigue and Types of Rest

This is not about my own work, this is an inspiration from TED Talks and a Pandemic.

Almost everyone of us across the world has been affected or impacted to some degree by the Pandemic that is COVID 19. Some are exhausted from working long hours or in difficult conditions, some are exhausted from lack of anything to do, while others are exhausted from isolation. There are many reason we are tired. The term Pandemic Fatigue is one that is now in widespread use, we have probably all felt it to some extent. Reports of poor sleep and sleep issues to therapists and doctors have dramatically increased since March 2020. Is is OK to feel exhausted from doing nothing in order to protect others, it is OK to be tired and fed up with all your hobbies. It is OK to be exhausted by the number of deaths reported. It is OK to grieve for those you never knew but know have died. You are living through an exceptional time in human history.

I could ramble about energy and rest and relaxation or I could ask you to click the link and read what TED have already beautifully described. This may help you understand why you feel tired and offer very real ideas to help you recoup your energy.

If however, it is more information on Pandemic Fatigue you are looking for here are two interesting links you might like to try one from Hopkins Medical and the other a business organisation Mckinsey.

But if it is more than information you want, if you need to talk to a therapist about any issues the Pandemic has raised for you please do contact us on 07598810304 or