Noticing Depression

The NHS has a very helpful website to help you think about depression. Here they list the things you may experience of you are depressed – and here they offer suggestions of what you might like to do to help someone you feel may be depressed –

Torn pieces of paper with the word “Depression”. Concept Image. Black and White. Close-up.

These feelings can include sadness, anxiety, fear, guilt, panic, worry, lack of any deep emotional feeling or connection, low esteem. These can become physical issues such as lack of energy, aches and pains, (even ear ache or tummy ache in children) altered sleeping patterns, and altered hunger levels.

If you feel that you have experienced depression, or someone you know is depressed counselling can be a really useful way of starting the healing process, it can give you a chance to explore the feelings and experiences you are having, to come to accept them and then start to figure out how you can move forward, to heal them or live around them until they subside.

GP’s can offer help and advice too, as well as anti-depressants. I am often asked which works best. My answer is that depends on the individual, sometimes anti-depressants work well, sometimes counselling is better, other times it is the right combination of both. We are all individual and need to find our own treatment plan.

If you would like to discuss anything Wright Minds can offer counselling therapy to those in and around the Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme area.