Music Therapy

It really is as simple as it sounds, if you like to be creative musically then pick up your instrument and make a noise. If you can write a song or just make a sound that fits your emotion then do it. Think how you feel, let out those feelings, let yourself explore them with the music you are creating. You are not trying to create a masterpiece, just to explore what is inside yourself.

If you are not skilled enough to play an instrument and drumming on the cooking pots is not your thing then maybe explore with pre-recorded music. Is there a song that makes you feel a certain emotion? Is there a song that replays to help you feel happy or calm? Music can have a strong impact on people. Having a key song or tune that you can call up in your mind when you are stressed or anxious or depressed can be a very useful skill to help calm you down.  Have your song on your phone or tablet ready to play, have it in your mind ready to hear.

If you are around Staffordshire and would like counselling to discuss this further please do contact Wright Minds