Mindfulness Extra

These are some Mindfulness activities I learnt on my mindfulness training. I hope they offer some ideas to you.

The 4 A’s in Mindfulness to help with stress.


AVOID – avoid unnecessary stress, eg stressful people/situations if you can, say no if you can to the cause of stress, must and should are different words and be sure if it is a choice not a pressure.

ALTER – if you can’t avoid a stressful situation can you alter it? Can you alter how you act, feel, respond to the situation. Compromise.

ADAPT – if you can’t change the stress cause change how you think about it – eg reframe the thought, rethink the problem, refocus on the issues differently, review the big picture. It is not raining it is watering the plants, it’s not bad weather if you wear a waterproof coat etc

ACCEPT – sometimes you can’t change things, don’t focus on the immovable, think what can alter in you, how accept it and grow from it.

10 Mindfulness tips.

  1. Do one thing at a time
  2. Do things slowly and deliberately (focused)
  3. Do less (don’t overfill your day, you’ll end up doing more)
  4. Leave space (don’t feel rushed)
  5. Spend a few minutes every few hours doing nothing
  6. Focus on the present
  7. Be present with people
  8. Eat, walk, act, mindfully (slow, focused, deliberate)
  9. Cultivate compassion and gratitude
  10. Do not judge

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