Mindful Walking

I was away at the weekend with a very good friend. He’s a writer of sorts and I wonder what he’ll make of this blog post. Anyway we were walking though a forest in the early morning Spring sunshine and we were enthusiastically enjoying the moment of feeling the chill air mixed with the warm morning sun, the smell of leaves, mud, moss, pollen, and freshness that only happen on Spring mornings. We were just enjoying the moment, the feel of the floor under our feet, soft, springy, new, comfortable. When we spoke, we must have been having the same thought, Mindful walking. The art of just appreciating what was happening around us, nothing else, just recognising, focusing on, exploring and enjoying the sensations of being in nature. So from my friend and I we would like to say try Mindful walking. See if it can help reduce your stress or anxiety, see if it can help calm your busy mind and put things into perspective, see if it can improve your physical and mental health. Enjoy the Spring mornings that are finally here.