Media and Mental Health

Mental Health has been in the focus of the Media a lot recently, especially discussions around suicide (which my next blog post will address in more detail). How do you feel mental health is portrayed in the Media? How do you feel Media impacts on your mental health?

Many people have mixed feelings about social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (and probably a dozen more I can’t name). Some people take joy from seeing others posts about happiness, kittens and trees, while others feel they cant live up to their friends happy lives. Often it depends on personality types and existing mental health feelings to how people react to social media. How do you react? Are you aware of the impact social media has on you? Do you need to challenge your thinking to make it healthier?

But Media doesn’t stop there, it is not just about social media, it can be about the news, video or written sources. How is mental health portrayed here? At the bias of the organisation or journalist authoring the piece? Is it intended to manipulate, educate, indoctrinate? Some media articles can be empowering, honest and supportive of mental health, while others can paint it in a negative light, suggest it shows weakness, offer ridicule or blame. Would you know which to believe or why? Could you make your own decision or would you be swayed by the media’s interpretation?

Illustration of social media concept Free Vector

Below I have added some articles about media and mental health to get you started, remember media doesn’t always present things in a clear way, look around before you form a belief based on one piece of information.

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