Making it known

I posted a few weeks ago about the power I believe famous people can have around promoting good mental health. It seems now that more powerful and influential people are talking about mental health than ever.

In this article the Governor of the Bank of England has stood up to give his view. He’s boldly trying to end the Stigma that comes with mental health. The stigma that is no longer valid. We understand so much more than we ever have about mental health. There is no stigma going to the doctor because you have a chest infection or A&E because you broke your leg. You don’t avoid going to the dentist because of shame? So why would you be ashamed to say, I feel stressed I’m going to see my counsellor? When we have a headache or migraine we take a painkiller, so why when suffering from depression or stress or anxiety wouldn’t we find a treatment for them?

Here he explains about the cost that poor mental health has on our economy and our lives in general, so he’s talking about money but he is after all the governor of the Bank of England, surely focus on mental health in his specialist area is more powerful? Maybe he is right:

“Mr Carney said: “A strong economy with good work prospects boosts the nation’s health as well as its wealth. “Everyone wants to go to work and do a good job, to give it their best. But push yourself too far and your work-life balance breaks down.” He wants three pillars of support for mental health: the freedom to speak up, seek informed care and take steps to insulate against future issues. The Bank of England has been at the front of initiatives to promote good mental health throughout business.”

If you would like to talk to a professional about your mental health and you are around Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme please do give me a call.