Its OK to not be OK

I asked on my Facebook page what people would like me to talk about here on my blog  and that answer struck me as very powerful.

I too have felt not OK. I am not sure there are words to describe what not OK feels like, I could start listing them … sad, tired, confused, unhappy, numb, weird, not right, offish, grumpy, daft, happy when not happy, anxious … but it may turn into an online therapy discussion if I explore them all so I will stop there and hope I’ve made an impact with those few words. Have you felt not OK?

One of the hardest things for me to say, for me to consciously realise was that I was feeling not OK and then to accept that it was OK for me to be not OK. I wasn’t letting anyone down, I wasn’t a failure, I wasn’t broken, I wasn’t going to be laughed at or looked down on or patronised, I wasn’t going to lose friends (and if I did I realised they may not have been real friends). There is nothing wrong with not being OK. I could say I was not OK and that helped me, to start on the road to feeling OK again. It isn’t always¬† an easy road, its isn’t always short and sometimes it feels like it may never end, but the big step was the step onto the road, the step of saying Its OK to not be OK.

If you have realised its OK to not be OK and would like to explore this in more detail please do contact me and we can arrange an initial appointment to start on your journey together.