Imposter Syndrome

I have heard this term repeatedly recently both in my professional life and my personal life from friends. It has got me thinking what is imposter syndrome really, do we understand what it means, are we using the right term for our feelings and, do we all have moments of imposter syndrome at times?

I went looking for some information and I found a wonderful article on Welldoing that I want to share with you, it is brief and it points you in the direction of further reading if you wish to do more research your self.

In brief Imposter Syndrome is the feeling that you are achieving only due to luck or accident and that you do not deserve to be where you are, that at any moment someone will realise you don’t deserve what you have and take it from you leaving you feeling humiliated. For example, the promotion or job that you just got is only an accident, or that they read the wrong name and will ring you back to tell you it was all a mistake. This feeling of incompetence, self doubt and deserving failure persist regardless of how much you try to focus on your achievements, educational success or hard work. Most people are left feeling anxious and push themselves harder and harder becoming over achievers to compensate for what they believe to be a real lack of skill or knowledge.

It is commonly believed there are 5 types of imposter syndrome: The Expert, The Superhero, The Soloist, The Genius, and The Perfectionist.

In therapy we would look at the start of the imposter syndrome, the type of imposter syndrome and create an individualised plan to help change, adapt and alleviate those thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Another article from Healthline goes into further detail about ways you can start to overcome these feelings yourself.

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