‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is a very common quote. It can, however, be very true. For those of us that are struggling with our minds due to anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, loss or any other issue, having a special image we can look at or call to mind can help us through those difficult moments.

My image varies depending on the feeling I am affected by, sometimes it is a beach, sometimes a forest, or castle, or snowy hillside or field of flowers. The trick is to create such a strong mental image that when you need to call it to mind it can overpower any other thoughts. It often works best if you practise the image when you are feeling happy and calm. Focus not only on the image but the associated senses, the smell, the feeling, the taste, the texture.

For example the wonderful smell of crisp winter mornings, the smell of holly and fir trees, the cold feeling on your skin and the taste of the cold air in your mouth or of mince pies or cinnamon hot chocolate, the feel of the soft snow or the warm log fire.

Try it for yourself, see if you relaxing/happy image can help calm you from those unwanted feelings.

Creating these images can be helped by a physical picture that you carry with you or have on your phone/tablet.

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