No I’m not talking about the lettuce kind, but the Titanic destroying kind.

Our conscious awareness or our everyday responses to things are the tip of the iceberg, this is what is said, done and seen by others and what we are aware our minds are thinking, e.g. ‘do I want a cup of tea?’ ‘I like tea’, ‘I am useless at painting’, ‘I’m great at sewing’.

Below that are areas that we are not aware of the subconscious and the unconscious, things we think but are not aware we are thinking. For example in our subconscious all those rules we’ve heard in childhood and taken on board are stored subconsciously. If you see pink you think of girls, blue makes you think of boys. Or a phrase ‘big boys/girls don’t cry’ often means we are not aware of these thoughts but our brains throw up the action – e.g. If you are hurt by an action you would resist crying, but unless you think hard you are unsure why.

Finally the unconscious is where we find our most primitive beliefs and behaviours, like violence, hunger, desire, belief in Gods.

We can bring our subconscious and unconscious minds into focus and become aware of them over time with therapy work. For example belief in a God, it can often be a unconscious belief from our early existence, being told by parents, or something we are born with, then we are able to recognise it in the subconscious as our religious activities – e.g. going to a place of worship. Finally we can focus our conscious mind on it and begin to debate why we do what we do. Here in the debate the awareness rises and we can start to see where the beliefs come from under the surface and start to bring them to the surface and adapt them if we wish.

This also links to the topic of ANTs I discussed the other week.

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