Flip the Thought

This is a technique I started using with children but can work very well with adults too. It follows from the previous topic of ANTs, to help change those negative thoughts. Take two pieces of paper, or two post it notes, they need to be different colours, try to make one colour you associate with negative and one you associate with positive. On one write the negative thought. On the other, the positive colour, write the opposite thought. With children I have a laminated paper, one side red and one green so we can write the thought and flip it over to the positive side.

For example ‘Oh its raining again’ would go on my negative colour, on the positive colour I could write ‘but the garden will look very green when it stops’ or there won’t be a water shortage’. Try not to let your mind slip towards other negative thoughts, really focus on the positive one.

Once you establish the flipping skill you don’t always need the paper, you can auto correct the ANTs in your mind.

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