Feelings Graph

People often ask me ‘how are you supposed to feel?’ or ‘should I feel this up or down?’

So I have created a little graph to help you understand your emotions more

example feelings graph

We all struggle at certain times to make our emotions make sense, sometimes when we are depressed it can feel like we don’t feel anything at all, other times when we are stressed and anxious it feels like we’re on a rollercoaster always up and down to the extreme.
The aim is to find your normal (we are all different) which should be somewhere in between, where you can feel the different emotions, understand them, express and process them safely regardless of what they are.
This may be where counselling can help you make sense of the emotions you are feeling. It isn’t that we shouldn’t feel, but that we should understand our emotions and feel them with content rather than fear.

Remember we are all different and our normal is different for each of us. The above graph is a simple illustration and in no way represents an exact representation of what you should be feeling, only you know your feelings.

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