Energy Points

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How to use energy points

Imagine you only have a certain amount of points to spend on daily activities, a bit like a video game where you only get so many actions, or if you have to shop within a budget.

You need to choose carefully how you spend these points to have a fulfilled day.

As you start to improve you will start to feel you will have more points available (a bit like levelling up or getting a pay rise).

Here is an example:

You need to spend your points on things like: Work, Exercise, Cooking & Eating, Relaxing, Washing (eg shower/bath), Household Chores, Family/Friends.

You need to decide what comes into these categories and then how to spend your points

EG a week day 12 points:  EG a week day 20 points (leveled up):    
Work (4 points) Work (8 points)
Exercise (1 point) Exercise (2 point)
Eating (3 points -1 per meal) Eating (3 points – 1 per meal)
Washing (1 point) Washing (1 point)
Relaxing (1 point) Relaxing (2 point)
Chores (1 point) Chores (2 point)
Family (1 point) Family (2 point)
EG weekend day 12 points: EG weekend day 20 points (leveled up):
Relaxing (5 points) Relaxing (10 points)
Eating (3 points -1 per meal) Eating (3 points -1 per meal)
Washing (1 point) Washing (1 point)
Exercise 1 point Exercise 1 point
Family (2 point) Family (3 point)
  Chores (2 point)

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