Employee Listening

I read this article that popped up on my phone – I know, its not enough I work with mental health all day I read about it in the news app on my phone as well. I like to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of mental health.

The article talks about employees asking for more mental health support in the work place. This is a vital part of the current world. Following on from my previous post about the Governor of the Bank of England trying to offer a balance I felt this article fit well with my current theme. It again promotes the idea to ‘talk openly about it’.

Whether it is a professional supervision (sometimes referred to as debriefing) where you can offload, discuss and ponder the private and confidential parts of your day to day work to someone who is neutral and confidential. Or if it is counselling for stress, anxiety or any other issues I can hopefully offer you support.

If you are an employee and want more support and your boss doesn’t know where to turn, or you are the boss looking to provide mental health provision for your team then I am more than happy to work with your company to help advise or to arrange this.