Creativity and Playing.

Creativity and Playing

When we are young we play, we don’t realise it but during this play we are learning and processing the world around us. We are figuring out physics when we see if we can ride or bikes without stabilisers, or lean as we go around a corner. We are finding our pain levels and finding determination when we fall off and get back on. We are finding patients when we play games together, we learn to play with others as we will learn to work with others, we learn to communicate, when we make up games we are building our creativity. But also when something adult we have seen interests us or scares us or confuses us we will as children often play it out. We can play through grief, love, fear, excitement, confusion all kinds of emotions can come out in our play.

When we grow we forget this method of exploring and understanding our lives.

We forget as parents this can help us with our children and what they are feeling.

Let us think then that playing with our children may be a good way for us to connect with them, understand them and to understand our selves.

Over the next few weeks I will give some examples of being creative to help us understand ourselves more.

If you would like to explore play further and are in the Staffordshire area please do contact Wright Minds