Another of the Core Conditions Carl Rogers discusses is Congruence. Congruence is the art of honesty with yourself, it is about reconciling your thoughts and actions. It is the awareness of yourself as a whole, your thoughts, feelings, actions, desires, all matching. For example you are feeling very sad but pretend you are happy – this is incongruent, it is better within counselling to show the sadness you are feeling, as this may reflect what the client is feeling, this could be your empathy with the emotion the client is transferring.

Congruence is about the genuine nature of what is being experienced, being present and connected and sharing this to work togetherĀ in counselling.

This doesn’t just have to be counselling, the more congruent you are with yourself on a daily basis the more you can reduce your stress and anxiety levels, by not locking the feelings away, by revealing them, experiencing them, dealing with them, sharing them, owning them, empowering your self you can be more relaxed and more yourself.

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