Celebrity Mental Health

I tend to have a lot to say about mental health, but sometimes my voice can only reach so far, it tends to be only people interested in their mental health have sought out my Facebook page or my website. Here I want to share a celebrity talking about mental health. I am so thrilled every time fame is used to promote something often hidden, misunderstood, talked about in secrets and whispers. Stephen Fry is one of my favourite celebrities for standing up and making known to so many people the reality of mental health. He’s proud to say it is OK to not be OK (see my previous blog posts). So thank you to him, thank you to any celebrity using their power for good, and if you find a few minutes to talk about mental health today, thank you to you too, for every clearly spoken word makes it a little less secret and a little more understood.

There are three articles that I wold like you to experience:

I found this one very powerful and from more than one person in the spotlight http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/news/a853069/bake-off-nadiya-hussain-stephen-fry-mental-health-sport-relief-appeal/