Bullying isn’t just a school related issue, it is far reaching children bully children, bosses bully employees, friends bully friends, parents bully children, children bully parents, co-workers bully co-workers, partners bully partners, I could list almost endlessly among the various relationships people have. I could start to list reasons people are bullied – age, sex, height, weight, education, ethnicity, intelligence, religion, style, culture, glasses, but the list really adds up to one word DIFFERENCE. Is it fear of difference from the bullies? There is much research into why, but what is important is that regardless of who or why bullying hurts. Counselling can help discuss the thoughts and feelings experienced by those who are bullied and those who bully.

https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/jan/12/bullying-as-damaging-as-child-abuse-and-needs-same-resources-expert-says  This article discusses how severe bullying can be.

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