Being present

Be Aware, Listening and Engaged words on papers pinned to a bullBeing present is not as easy as it may sound. It is a relatively simple concept. Be with the client. Or just be with the person who needs you, relative, friend, loved one. Just be with them. Simple? Not really. What it means is don’t be in your own world, be in theirs. Listen to them, respond to them, empathise with them, care for them, love them, feel with them.

Do not think about the shopping list, the dogs, the children, the TV series you can’t wait to catch up on, your latest email, your date. Just be with the person. Try to ignore your head ache, back ache, clothing, temperature. Just be with the person. Pay attention to that person.

It is a very hard technique. But it is very rewarding for the person you are with who will feel your attention and focus on them. It is a very powerful tool. Psychology Today has a lovely article to help you be present if you would like to practise. Alternatively if you are in the Staffordshire area you can contact Wright Minds